Nam June Paik and Wolf Vostell

TV Garden
Electronic Dé-coll/age

I found Paik’s TV Garden intriguing because I say it as a future prediction of what the worlds was going to be like today. With every year comes the mentality that we want the next best thing, the top of the line as far as technology gets better and better. But we just throw away last year’s model. Creating huge stockpiles of old technology. I feel TV Garden is representative of that, it is reminiscent of a TV graveyard/ junkyard with years of overgrowth because it gets overlooked by the public and viewed as worthless.
            Vostell’s Electronic Decollage was chaotic. There was so much going on at once. Which I believe was the point he was trying to convey. Just as the TV industry started to create shows and programs they were distractions from what was really going on in the world. Just as these monstrosities of TV robot collages distract you from the screen that you are trying to view.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (Questions)

1) What is the purpose of the televisions besides it being a distraction from our daily lives? Is there a power structure built with advertisement and also television as a whole? Who is reaping the benefits?

2) Televisions just begin to keep getting better in quality. Is there going to be a time where 

Televisions are so in depth that those static images become reality? And if those images on the 

screen get more color or frame rate improves how that effect the way we see the world as a whole will?