Presentation 3 Ryan Trecartin


                                                                        Sibling Topics

           Trecartin is an American Artist and Filmmaker, he graduated with a BFA at Rhode Island School of Design. Mainly known for his video and New Media Art, Trecartin also worked with his creative partner Lizzie Fitch, he collaborated to do some sculptures that would complement the video work. Trecartin’s videos became widely known for their “Over-the-Top” personification of reality TV. In his video Sibling Topics he addresses the idea of using a family as a business, similar to one of his other pieces I-Be-Area. These fast paced videos critique social media, corporate consumerism, reality TV, and pop psychology. Often times Trecartin will also set up room installations for viewing his videos. What is interesting is that he chooses to make stark contrasts to his oversaturated color and hyper reality by setting it up in a totally white and plain room. This further emphasizes the absurdity of his videos strengthening the message he is trying to convey.

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